Phil’s games of the Year 2020

  1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

As much flak as this game got for the changes it made, Square Enix managed to keep the story fresh and new for veterans of the series. It could have been a layup of slightly updated visuals and some voice acting but instead Square Enix gave us “Advent Children like” visuals with fluid controls, more character development and a revamped battle system that builds off of Final Fantasy XV.

2. Fall Guys

How can you not like an MMO version of Wipeout! with cutesy Gang Beasts like mascots.

3. Minecraft Dungeons

It’s Diablo but Minecraft! And I can play it with my kids!

4. Art of Rally

A refreshing racing game in a world of sim likes and simcades. From its vivid backgrounds to the little details, this game delivers a lot for a little.

5. Among us

Yes it was released in 2015 but *&^% me if this wasn’t the year of Among us. A game that took twitch streams and memes by storm.

6. Hades

Hades is a late entry to my list and more than deserves to be here. This rogue like is full of charm, wit and challenge. Everything about it is top notch, the art style, the game play and voice acting, all of it. It is the best way to round off my best of 2020 list.

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