Frontier Hunter: Ezra’s Wheel of Fortune (PC Early Access) Preview

Eric "Getty" Gettinger It is always interesting to see current trends pop up in games because it can certainly date them. Frontier Hunter: Ezra’s Wheel of Fortune quickly introduces you to the main character as a streamer, but Ezra can and does so much more. With the comical nature of this streamer being trolled by … Continue reading Frontier Hunter: Ezra’s Wheel of Fortune (PC Early Access) Preview

SANABI (PC) Preview

Grappling Hook Like A Boss By Alex Orona Sanabi is a new Early Access action platformer by Korean indie dev WONDER POTION. While it’s got the Early Access status due to unfinished story, all its gameplay mechanics are rock solid and its art is a beautifully detailed pixel art. Let’s get into what makes Sanabi … Continue reading SANABI (PC) Preview

Striving For Light (Early Access PC) Preview

By Philip Orona Striving for light from Igniting Spark Games is an indie take on Diablo-like dungeon crawling with Rogue-like elements that is currently in early access. This game places you in a dark world where spiders, slimes, and all kinds of lovecraftian horrors await in an ever randominsing dungeon. Killing these monsters raises your … Continue reading Striving For Light (Early Access PC) Preview

Mirror 2: Project X (Early Access PC) Preview

Puzzle fun for adults By Philip Orona Ecchi adult titles are not at all in short supply. What seems to be of low quantity are the number of these games that are actually good to play and not just some filler to get to an eyeball full of goodies. Going back a bit, I had … Continue reading Mirror 2: Project X (Early Access PC) Preview

Rise of Humanity (Early Access) Preview

By Eric Getty Gettinger Rise of Humanity is currently in early access on Steam and there are a lot of good reasons to check it out. As the title implies this is a rebirth for humanity after the world ends and a rogue AI is controlling robots to keep their reign supreme. In this third … Continue reading Rise of Humanity (Early Access) Preview

Fashion Police Squad (PC) Preview

By Phil Orona Picture, if you will, a first person shooter circa 1993. A slightly grainy, pixel filled, in your face menagerie of violence and gore with a grunge rock soundtrack provided by Nine Inch Nails as you wield a mini-gun that should be mounted on an attack chopper.This was the norm for many Doom … Continue reading Fashion Police Squad (PC) Preview

Lost Epic (PC) Preview

By Eric Getty Gettinger The world is destroyed.  The old Gods have been killed, and you are wandering around lost. A sepia world that is devoid of flavor, but there is hope. Lost Epic is that story of hope and setting the natural order back on its path. Lost Epic is currently in Early Access … Continue reading Lost Epic (PC) Preview

Preview: The Last Spell

By Eric, Getty, Gettinger A warning to those who are interested in playing The Last Spell, if you want to have fun, this game will not take it easy on you. As a matter of fact when you boot up The Last Spell will flat out tell you that this will be difficult. This is … Continue reading Preview: The Last Spell