Kukoos: Lost Pets (Switch) Review

One of the joys of covering new and upcoming games is finding works under the radar and discovering new experiences for my family to enjoy.  When kids reach an age of self-sufficiency but not yet a brooding teenager, there’s a window of time for building connective tissue.  Kukoos: Lost Pets seemed like prime opportunity to … Continue reading Kukoos: Lost Pets (Switch) Review

A Rose by Any Other Name

you want me to play what‽ Two general questions that are asked when being introduced to a game are "What game is it?" and "What type of game is it?"The first question is innocent enough and equally easy to answer. You just tell the asker what it is! However, what type of game? Well... there … Continue reading A Rose by Any Other Name

Session 77 – Mr. Chef

Session 77This week! Joel spent most of the week without power, so Alex G from podcast superfriends Gaming Fyx tags in at the last second!  He sells the group on Necrobarista, Alex O has some thoughts on the Avengers beta, and get real bloody with Carrion in Early Adopters.  Alex G shows us how to … Continue reading Session 77 – Mr. Chef

Session 76 – $8 Hat DLC

Session 76 This week! Alex lets his Fall guys #content all hang out.  Getty & Joel have a #funtime.  Getty & Alex take one shell straight to hell.  We spend too much time talking about the Sony State of Play.  Alex gives Getty a second shot to talk about Superhot after we lost the original … Continue reading Session 76 – $8 Hat DLC

Session 75 – Otter Jokes

Session 75We Punt Fall Guys til next week to talk about betas Yarntown, No Straight Roads, and Alex has replaced his tech deck with the 1.0 release of Skater XL in Early Adopters.  Touch on Nintendo leaks and Cuphead ports in the news.  We wrap the week in Backlog Blog, where we finished Gardens Between, … Continue reading Session 75 – Otter Jokes

Session 74 – Tantric Sneaking

Session 74This week!  We play a trio of up and coming indie dev betas in early adopter (Literal snake game alert!), skim over Xbox’s WORLD PREMEIRE announcements and Nintendo’s muted Nintendo Direct Mini in the news, Getty gets his trash panda on with Donut County, and Orona can’t stop sneaking with Never Stop Sneaking.  Join … Continue reading Session 74 – Tantric Sneaking

Session 73 – You Should Feel Bad

Session 73 This Week, the crew gets edgy with Vernal Edge and Last of Us 2 in Early Adopters, talk "engh 3" press conferences, and turn in their video game homework with Night Trap! Let's have some fun! If you'd like to back Vernal Edge, here's the link to their Kickstarter.kck.st/3g74HEj Don’t forget to follow/reach … Continue reading Session 73 – You Should Feel Bad

Session 72 – Technical Difficulties

Session 72Joel is back and we broke the podcast this week with Technical Difficulties. We apologize but the last 5-10 minutes of this episode were lost in our attempt at a live streaming podcast. This week we Fight in Tight Spaces with a lady named Dandara in Early Adopters, Speak on some SUPER HOT news, … Continue reading Session 72 – Technical Difficulties

Session 71 – McConaughey All The Way

Session 71 Getty is back in full force this week and brings Alex and Steve along for the ride! We do some coffee talkin about Resident Evil 3 in the backlog, discuss our possible Beta of the year and new Borderlands 3 DLC in early adopters and break some Evo news!  The National Suicide Hotline: … Continue reading Session 71 – McConaughey All The Way

Session 70 – Accouterments

Seassion 70 Alex and producer extraordinaire Steve take the reins this week, IN THE SAME ROOM NO LESS. They talk about their time with Souls-like Source of Madness and space looter shooter Ever Space 2 in Early Adopters, explain video game backroom baseball in the news, and discuss Alex’s new snake games while Steve gushes … Continue reading Session 70 – Accouterments