Kena Bridge of Spirits- Loss, Grief and Passing On

By Eric, Getty, Gettinger This last year for the Super GG Radio podcast we were no strangers to loss. For each of us the process was different but we all found some solace in the games we played. Through my own personal experience I was drawn to Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Kena is a spirit … Continue reading Kena Bridge of Spirits- Loss, Grief and Passing On

Inscryption (PC) Review

By Joel DeWitte I sat at my desk, and booted up the recently found old floppy disc on my PC.  A dull grey screen with the word “Inscryption” appeared, curiously only giving the option to continue someone else’s save.  Suddenly, I’m transported to a tiny cabin with a game table, suffocated by trinkets, clocks, and … Continue reading Inscryption (PC) Review

Review: Boomerang X (Switch)

By Alex Orona Bombastic but limited New indie developer DANG! has brought the goods in their freshman outing Boomerang X. A fast paced combat arena game that uses cell shaded first person art style with breakneck speed combat. There’s a deeper story of dimensional hopping insects and a tribe of people worshipping an ancient evil … Continue reading Review: Boomerang X (Switch)