Alex’s Game of the Year 2020

10. Moving Out This was my new Overcooked. It plays like overcooked and leads to just as many arguments and hilarious laughter. I can’t wait to bring this to the next family party and watch the crowd go wild. 9. Persona 5 Royal I bought Persona 5 Royal out of habit. I have bought and … Continue reading Alex’s Game of the Year 2020

Getty’s GOTY 2020

Long list, in no particular order The Last of Us 2 The return of Joel and Ellie, and while controversial, honestly what did anyone expect from a game where in the original the man character made a selfish choice. The Last of Us 2 showcases two strong female characters and introduces a host of new … Continue reading Getty’s GOTY 2020

Metal Gear Kevin’s Great GOTY Debate

For me, the GOTY debate lies firmly between The Outer Worlds, Obsidian’s spiritual successor to the Fallout series, and Persona 5, a 3 year old Playstation exclusive that I’ve been playing for the first time this winter.. The Outer Worlds I have been a Fallout fan since Bethesda’s release of Fallout 3, which sparked my … Continue reading Metal Gear Kevin’s Great GOTY Debate