Defend the Rook (Switch) Review

Push your patience while defending the rook By Joel DeWitte Defend the Rook is a turn-based strategy game where you play as a mage against elemental adversaries which challenge him in a battle against his heroes.  Those heroes (a knight, a sorceress, and a thief) are tasked each level to fight off five waves of … Continue reading Defend the Rook (Switch) Review

Popslinger (Switch) Review

By Philip Orona “Run and Gun” has long been a staple in the world of video game genres. Contra, Ikari Warriors, Metal Slug and Gunstar Heroes have peppered our brains with fond memories of wasting hours on end blowing away aliens, monsters and enemy soldiers. That genre has also given birth to not so straight … Continue reading Popslinger (Switch) Review

Windjammers 2 (Switch) Review

There’s something thrilling about playing 1v1 against someone in any competitive game.  The dance of getting an understanding of your opponent’s playstyle.  The push-and-pull, back and forth swings in momentum until getting the better of your opponent.  The thrilling victory or crushing defeat that comes from the conclusion of a match.  Team multiplayer can be … Continue reading Windjammers 2 (Switch) Review

Trey from Nintendomain’s Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games of 2021

Hey everybody it’s Trey from NintenDomain Podcast and it's that time of year again. It’s time for my top list of the best of the best video games released this year for the Nintendo Switch! Things were looking up in 2021, work was starting to come back, bands were going on tour again, and those … Continue reading Trey from Nintendomain’s Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games of 2021

Dylan of Backstage Gaming’s 2021 Conundrum

Striving for Perfection: 2021 in Review 2021 was the year I decided to pump the brakes on gaming. The year 2020 was... a lot, and to share my own experience, the end of the year saw me drifting between jobs with a quarter life crisis I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Lacking the energy … Continue reading Dylan of Backstage Gaming’s 2021 Conundrum

Townscaper (Switch) Review

Townscaper Overlooked By Joel DeWitte In early August, Nintendo announced a trove of indie titles for the Switch, including the small island town building game Islanders.  This land development puzzle game was an eye-catching, unique indie worth showcasing on the Indie Showcase.  That said, it’d be easy to overlook another island town builder released in … Continue reading Townscaper (Switch) Review

Review: Best Friends Forever (Switch)

My time with Cheeseball By Eric, Getty, Gettinger “Cheeseball let out a biiiig fart” - it constantly appears at the bottom of my Nintendo Switch screen. The name of the game is Best Friend Forever, and it is your not so typical visual novel based dating sim. With a fusion of a pet training simulation, … Continue reading Review: Best Friends Forever (Switch)