Alex Orona’s 2021 Games of the Year

Alex Orona is former host of Super GG Radio and the monster punter. You got monsters, he's got a foot. Hey guys! It’s your (former) Super GG host Alex Orona! 2021 was a great year for games, despite Covid,there was plenty I loved this year. My list always ends up way longer than just a … Continue reading Alex Orona’s 2021 Games of the Year

Inscryption (PC) Review

By Joel DeWitte I sat at my desk, and booted up the recently found old floppy disc on my PC.  A dull grey screen with the word “Inscryption” appeared, curiously only giving the option to continue someone else’s save.  Suddenly, I’m transported to a tiny cabin with a game table, suffocated by trinkets, clocks, and … Continue reading Inscryption (PC) Review