Pat (PJCPLays) of Gaming Fyx’s Top Racing Games of 2021

Hi all, I’m Pat. I’m one of several hosts of the Gaming Fyx Podcast. We love the team at SuperGG and I was thrilled when Alex invited me to come up with a Game of the Year style list. 2021 was the year I discovered perhaps the most rewarding hobby I’ve ever found: Simulation racing. … Continue reading Pat (PJCPLays) of Gaming Fyx’s Top Racing Games of 2021

Review: Forza Street

Forza Street for Android Review by Philip Orona In the mobile world, there are 3 types of games, ports of console games adapted for mobile, fully fleshed out original games, or free games that make the money from within. The first 2 are usually purchased with a 1 time fee.  The free games typically adopt … Continue reading Review: Forza Street