Children of Silentown (PS5) Review

Mixing Gothic with A lot of Heart By Alex Orona Children of Silentown is a new indie point and click adventure by way of Elf Games and Luna2 Studio. While point and click adventures aren’t new, this one brings a heavy dose of morose in theme and tone. It wears its Tim Burton influences on … Continue reading Children of Silentown (PS5) Review

Power Chord (PC) Review

Turning UP the Volume With Power Chords By Eric, Getty, Gettinger Prepare to have your face melted off by the power of rock and roll. This is the most rock and roll roguelite deck builder you will ever play. Power Chords takes the genre and cranks up the volume with a wicked story, mountains of … Continue reading Power Chord (PC) Review

Mothergunship: Forge (PC VR) Review

A Little Rogue-like, A Little Industrial, A Lot of Fun Mothergunship Forge is another participant in the roguelike gold rush, this time as a virtual reality run-based experience.  It is a “shooting gallery” - a virtual reality experience where you’re affixed to one relative area while waves of robotic brigades infiltrate your space and attack, … Continue reading Mothergunship: Forge (PC VR) Review

Joel DeWittes 2022 Game of the Year

This year I put down the Switch and picked-up the Xbox controller.  Microsoft has deftly positioned themselves as a service-focused platform with Xbox Game Pass (the “Netflix of games”).  At risk of sounding like an advert, Game Pass is a perfect companion for anyone wanting a built-in indie game library.  I played (or at least … Continue reading Joel DeWittes 2022 Game of the Year