“I miss the Arcade”

by Philip Orona Image from pexels.com Once upon a time there was a dark cave in the corner of Chicago called Diversions. This cave was a black hole where quarters disappeared and many hours of one's life was lost. This darkened room full of noise was bathed in cathorade blue from CRTs in wooden cabinets. … Continue reading “I miss the Arcade”

Death With No Decaf

By Alex Orona In June, my Step Father passed away from Cancer. It sucks but I dealt. I was strong for my loved ones, buried myself in new projects and work, kept busy and pushed through those ‘hard to get out of bed’ days. Eventually, things normalized and we’re back to everyday life. Enter the … Continue reading Death With No Decaf

Re-imagining American Cities: Last of Us

By Stephen Dvorak When you exit the militarized confines of Boston you find something unexpected - It’s green.  The ruins of the no-longer habitable areas of the city have been reclaimed by nature.  There is sun and wildlife  accompanying the bloodhound soldiers, fungally altered monsters, and violent gangs of human survivors living outside of civilized … Continue reading Re-imagining American Cities: Last of Us

Editorial: Take a Walk On the Wild Side

Take A Walk On the Wild Side with These New Villainous Indies By Alex Orona             In the average video game fantasy, you are the hero, the protagonist, the one everyone is rooting for. Who doesn’t want to play the video game that rewards your actions with accolades and a feeling of righteousness?  That being … Continue reading Editorial: Take a Walk On the Wild Side

Two In A Row: A Video Game Movie Editorial

By Philip Orona A little over a year ago, my 5-year-old son had discovered the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons in the kids’ section of Netflix. I sat down and asked him what he was watching and he proceeded to tell me about a blue hedgehog that runs like the Flash, loves chili-dogs, and is a … Continue reading Two In A Row: A Video Game Movie Editorial