A Space For The Unbound (PC) Review

Giving A Space For The Unbound a full dive

By Eric, Getty, Gettinger

Since first trying the demo for A Space for the Unbound in 2020 I have been eagerly awaiting its release and it was entirely worth the wait. This slice of life point and click adventure drops you into the shoes of Atma. Atma is a high school student growing up in a small town in Indonesia. From the music, to the atmosphere, and pure emotional storytelling A Space for the Unbound grabs your hand and won’t let go. While the demo featured content from the prologue progressing through each chapter weaves together exploration with puzzles that blossom into a fantastic and somber story. The journey all the way up to the ending gives you plenty to explore and problems to solve as you learn more about the characters. 

A Space for the Unbound starts out with an introduction of most of the systems needed and then promptly ends with a cliffhanger. Suddenly Atma is woken up in school by his girlfriend Raya. Atma and Raya decide to create a bucket list to complete instead of doing the school’s planning for the future survey. The rest of the game then follows the characters as they check tasks off of the bucket list. While some of the tasks seem mundan A Space for the Unbound is not anything of the sort. As you will quickly find out there is much more going on in the world. 

One of the fantastic abilities that Atma possesses allows him to travel into the subconscious of others, called Spacedive. While engaged in a Spacedive you move into a reality of the person’s mind and you can interact with elements to make changes in the real world. You cannot do this to all people but only when prompted and most of the time it is a device to move the story along. Spacedive in the beginning is not very complex but as you move further in you might need to dive multiple times to find the items or information needed to solve a puzzle. With few exceptions the puzzles were very quick to figure out, I certainly was not expecting to do algebra at one point but it wasnt so bad. 

The art style and music are a real labor of love in A Space for the Unbound. The art reminds me of an old school anime and the music felt akin to JRPG open world exploration. At times I would idle or leave the game in a specific zone just to listen. The scenery also changes dramatically during Spacedive, each cognition is so different including my favorite one which includes a courtroom filled with ducks and geese. Other Spacedives may take you to more sinister places where you are being hunted or need to avoid hazards. The level of detail and care is always present in A Space for the Unbound.

Truly my time spent playing through A Space for the Unbound showed me so much and this review scratches the surface. There is even more to deal with the story that was withheld because I believe this is a game that needs to be played as much as it is experienced. Young love and emotions run high throughout as the characters are defined and show growth. While a play through streamlining may take you 5 hours there are additional side stories that can be squeezed for another hour or two. I must recommend A Space for the Unbound because of how excellent and complete the story and journey were while absolutely killing it through musical and visual mediums. 


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