Phil Oronas Game of the Year 2022

This year went by with a lot of retro throwbacks and indie darlings hitting the market with a few triple A triumphs in tow. The Steamdeck has added a new dimension of accessibility and mobility in gaming that only the Nintendo Switch had on  offer, so it has been a fantastic year in gaming. The best I have played this year in no particular order:

Formula 1 2022 

With EA working together with Codemasters, they have put together an excellent second outing with a fantastic career mode and a great story mode that really makes you feel like you are in an episode of Netflix’s Drive to Survive. Two player career mode adds a new dimension of gameplay and really adds to F1 2022’s replayability.

TMNT: Shredders’s revenge

Classic arcade beat em up is back and better than ever. Shredder’s revenge harkens back to the TMNT arcade, Turtles in Time and HyperStone Heist and all of the wonderful nostalgia that comes with them. Multiplayer couch co-op has been sorely missed of late and this game delivers in spades. 

Vampire Survivors

The whole *Survivor trend has made waves this year in gaming. Vampire Survivor has taken this genre and added some Konami DNA to make this one stand out. It’s simple yet oddly addictive and is worth a look. 

Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 1 was an excellent and fun rogue like that ate many hours of my time while I ripped through generations of warriors trying to conquer the game’s dungeons. Rogue Legacy 2 did exactly that again this year.

Marvel Snap

I don’t usually dig into mobile card based games but this Marvel based  entry really sucked me in and held me captive. From the  well thought out card effects to excellent art and variants to collect, this game makes for a fun strategy on the go hand held experience and an addictive obsession. 

Weird West

This is what you get when you combine Wild Wild West, The Twilight Zone and Baldur’s Gate. Weird West is a fun overhead action based RPG that keeps you guessing as to what is going to happen next. From Pigmen, Zombies, Witches and Outlaw gunslingers, this game puts you  in the crosshairs of everything lurking in the shadows. Grab your trusty six shooter buckaroos, it’s a bumpy ride.

Grid Legends

Much like F1 2022, Grid Legends really leans on the reality TV side of things in its story mode. Even more so than F1 2022 does. The story scenarios (including the DLC ones) really add to the excellent fast pace racing that Codemasters and EA had to offer us this year. The last Grid entry course corrected the series and Grid Legends continues on the right path.

The Steam Deck

Yes, it’s not a game but a platform and it deserves the recognition. It has done a fantastic 2 fold job. 1) it put powerful gaming into the hands of the populace and 2) It introduced yet another  Linux based device to the mainstream (the first being the Chromebook).  Valve suffered from supply chain issues early on but managed to deliver on its promise despite a few setbacks. 

Persona 4 Ultimax Arena

 Atlus, Persona, Fighting game. Yes!

Monster Hunter Rise

I loved Monster Hunter World. Monster Hunter Rise takes the formula World used and makes it better. 


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