Spiderheck (Switch) Review

🎵SpiderHeck, does whatever a Spider-Heck does🎵

Look out! Here comes the SpiderHeck from the developers at Neverjam. You would be forgiven for thinking that this was a Landfall games release but multiplayer beat em ups aren’t exactly a scarce commodity in the realm of Steam. However, this separates itself by giving you, and I quote; “Spiders with laser swords! “ among various other things for a duel to the death. Does Spiderheck do enough to separate it from the pack? Let’s find out.

Full disclosure, SuperGGRadio did a Beta Breakdown on this game back in March and you can see it here: Beta Breakdown: Spiderheck – YouTube.  This is clearly meant to be a multiplayer frag fest for online and co-op but can you swing from a thread?  You better watch out or you’ll be dead (🎵Look out! There goes the Spiderheck!🎵). As I alluded to, fans of “Stick Fight: The Game” will be very familiar with the format of this game. Spartan yet colorful graphics and a simple background highlight the action of smashing your opponent’s face into pixelated goo. 

The spiders you control move fairly quickly and can do anything a spider can, like stick to walls and sling a web for swinging from place to place. Oh yes, and laser swords are an equipable item as well as shotguns, missile launchers and various laser cannons which create absolute chaos when you add spider physics to a multiplayer deathmatch in an arena that will kill you as fast as your opponents. Anyone up for a game of “The floor is lava”?

Battle modes vary from local multiplayer versus to wave survival, single player (Tiers of Heck) objectives and online multiplayer. Each mode places you in an enclosed arena with guitar laced electronic music and neon lights to create a futuristic aesthetic that certainly grabs your attention. Each stage has a named theme a la Stick Fight that gives you a quick preview of where you are about to play. The wave survival mode sends enemies after you and the multiplayer participants and once you clear the enemies in a wave, any downed players are respawned and you keep on trucking until everyone dies in an explosive particle flurry.

The physics feel fantastic when it comes to movement and swinging around from place to place. There is recoil that occurs when lightsabers collide during battle giving everything a sense of weight. Controls do take a little getting used to and if you happen to be stuck using a controller that for some reason doesn’t have twin analog sticks (yes, one of my many USB controllers was a plain jane Playstation 1 type controller) then you cannot aim your weapon and you will forever be aiming upwards, but who uses those anymore? When acclimating to the control scheme, it’s best that you run and try to be ignored and at the end, action is your reward! (🎵 look out, there goes the Spiderheck!🎵) In all seriousness, the controls are not hard to learn but are difficult to master. That said, my young sons were able to drop right in and start beating me senseless while cackling like hyenas the whole time.  

SpiderHeck is a fun filled game that thrives on multiplayer chaos. To answer the question at the beginning of this review, yes it does enough to create its own niche among multiplayer brawlers. Gripes are few and far between in this bombastic brawler. The most annoying portion of the game involves trying to get more than 2 players joined in a battle as the game would not recognize my 3rd controller and when we played online, we had to “Magic up” the gameplay footage to you didn’t have to sit through us fiddling with the game settings to get multiplayer going. Yes that was in beta but the local controller issue was at release. However, keep in mind that it may be a foible of Steam in general. Single player mode is not the games strong suit but it is nice that they exist and allow for solo practice. Nevertheless, publisher Tinybuild may have another indie darling that will most likely become a staple on Super GG Radio’s yearly Extra Life 24 hour extravaganza. Keep on swinging!

Things I liked:

  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Vivid colors and effects
  • Multiplayer madness

Things I would improve:

  • Controls
  • A story mode perhaps?

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