The Quarry (XBOX) Review

By Kelly DeWitte

The Quarry is the latest horror game from The Dark Pictures Anthology which brings 7 summer camp counselors together as they fight off werewolves during their last night at camp. This incredibly fast-paced game is the perfect rush of intensity as you make decisions that will ultimately determine the outcome of the lives of each protagonist. 

I admit to having reservations about The Quarry, as I didn’t think it could hold a candle to the previous Dark Pictures game, Until Dawn, which reigned as my all-time favorite horror game, but with both a strong storyline and great playability, The Quarry quickly took its place as my number one. 

The story begins with two counselors who get stranded in the woods as they drive up to the summer camp, Hackett’s Quarry. The head of the camp, Chris Hackett (played by David Arquette), is unaware of the arrival of the two counselors, as they are arriving one night early. Despite being warned against an early and unannounced arrival by the local officer, Laura and Max decide to drive to the lodge. It’s then when Laura and Max are attacked by an unidentified creature. 

Two months later, the other counselors are shown closing up the camp for the summer, just to have their only vehicle out of the camp sabotaged by one of the counselors. It’s from this point on that the counselors find themselves fighting an unknown entity within an inch of their very lives. Your job is to play each character from their individual perspectives – as well as help from a mysterious fortune teller and her tarot cards throughout the game.

This game plays very quickly with many decisions and QTEs to keep yourself on your toes. Each decision has a consequence, and several of them dictate a certain “path chosen”. With over 200 possible endings, each play is a potentially brand-new experience with each individual choice. 

Much like Until Dawn, each choice is a new path opened, but the time in which you’re able to make your choices is much more generous. Until Dawn was a quick-draw game where you had to make many choices very quickly with virtually no time to think or even react. The Quarry is much more tolerant of allowing the player to make the best decisions for their own characters. 

Unlike Until Dawn, Instead of being forced to make decisions within seconds, The Quarry allows the player to consider his or her own choices carefully, with many choices not having a time limit at all. Even the QTEs are much less rapid and unexpected. This is a very welcomed change from the previous Dark Pictures game. 

Another welcomed change is the addition of being able to go back and change your decision, in case you died by choosing the wrong path. This feature is released after the initial play-through. 

Unsurprisingly, The Quarry has many likable characters, and you’ll want to save them all, but that comes with making many right decisions along the way, so it’s very important to stay vigilant and pay attention to the choices you make. 

Between the wonderful storyline, the lovable and relatable characters, and the intrigue of the Hag of Hackett’s Quarry, I rate The Quarry as my very favorite horror game. It’s worth – not just a play – but many plays!

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