Rise of Humanity (Early Access) Preview

By Eric Getty Gettinger

Rise of Humanity is currently in early access on Steam and there are a lot of good reasons to check it out. As the title implies this is a rebirth for humanity after the world ends and a rogue AI is controlling robots to keep their reign supreme. In this third personal tactics based card battler there is a lot to explore and experience while the game is nearing completion. During the time I spent in the world of Rise of Humanity updates were frequent and improvements constant which brings a lot of hope to the stark world of this robopocalypse. 

The gameplay mechanics for Rise of Humanity (RoH) are straight forward mash ups between strategy and card battling. Battle levels occur on a hexagonal grid and you are dealt a hand to play. The hand is based on cards in your deck and varies based on the characters. Additional cards can be collected in treasure chests, defeating enemies, and eventually creation. At the start of each turn you are granted energy and movement points which are akin to other strategy games but there are also powerups on the grind that help to keep it fresh. There is no cover mechanic but there are reaction abilities that can be played to dodge, mitigate, or push enemies away. Deck management becomes a must as you progress.  

The environment is less unique then the enemies you will face as RoH which harkens back to other games like the original Fallout games and Mutant Year Zero in its aesthetic.The battle levels are all run down, the most interesting being the amusement park. The enemies on the other hand are awesome to behold. Giant robot mechs, robot dogs, and the menacing drones are all trying to kill you. There is also something very satisfying about running up to a drone and using a climbing pick to demolish it. The enemies also have their own set of moves and will prioritize their own survivability but also dish out a lot of damage as would be expected. 

The characters are each as unique and fun as the enemies that you will be facing off against. There is the general scout type, a technomancer sort, and along with a character who can deploy their own units. As mentioned each character has their own deck and you can customize when you are off the battle screen. With the random element of not knowing which cards will be in your hand each encounter requires time and thought in order to complete map objectives. In some cases you can play the technomancer as a defensive character slowing and disabling enemies. In another case I was playing heavy DPS and draining the enemies energy to dish out even more. It’s the variations in RoH that make it worth coming back for more. 

The camp screen has a set of buildings that are in the amusement park, once unlocked! The area acts as a place for the story to progress as well as the spot where your customization begins. Characters can be upgraded using skill points. The fun thing about skill points is that they are obtained by completing easy, awarding one point, or hard, awarding three points, for completing objectives on your battle maps. Character upgrades vary between each as they have individual trees and you can upgrade health too for skill points. There is also a heal mechanic built in there that relies on currency gained from killing enemies. The real interesting aspect is the card creation. Using cards obtained in the field you can combine them into new and upgraded cards to add into your deck. I have had a lot of success in doing this. The only downside is it can feel a little grindy as you go back to complete a level and collect more of the same cards. 

With RoH being in early access there is still room for it to grow. As I have seen with the daily challenges you can mix things up and step outside of the story mode. It allows you to compete with other players who own RoH and see how your own skills match up on the leaderboard. As it progresses through early access there have been additional cards added to the character decks as well. I would not be surprised to see more overhauls on the cards as they work to balance it but it’s a very complete feeling experience at this time. With the myriad of cards, characters, and challenges Rise of Humanity has a lot to offer for the avid gamer.

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