Trey from Nintendomain’s Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games of 2021

Hey everybody it’s Trey from NintenDomain Podcast and it’s that time of year again. It’s time for my top list of the best of the best video games released this year for the Nintendo Switch! Things were looking up in 2021, work was starting to come back, bands were going on tour again, and those games originally planned for 2021 were finally getting released! 2021 is the fourth year of the Nintendo Switch and there seems to be no stopping this little handheld. There was still a good amount of exclusives this year and I really felt like they hit it out of the park! Again! Let’s get into the top 5 Switch games of this year!!


5. No More Heroes III

First up is the finale to the epic trilogy that everyone was waiting for, No More Heroes III! No More Heroes games have always held a soft spot in my heart. Even the lackluster spin off, Travis Strikes Again, had it’s moments but this is the Crème de la Crème of sequels! I feel like No More Heroes III took the over the top flavor and weirdness of the first two games and perfected it for a next generation. The combat system seemed so fluent and addicting that it kept me coming back for more and more. The open world aspect from 1 was brought back as well with all sorts of weird extra stuff to find from pages of a visual novel to collect to Easter Island statues to destroy, scorpions to capture, and of course more battle challenges to conquer.  This time around aliens who are hell bent on taking over the world have invaded and Travis Touchdown is the only one who can stand in the way. Did I mention that the aliens are superheroes too? Cuz that’s what we like now right? The game is great at poking fun and praising itself at the same time. It definitely doesn’t overstay it’s welcome with a 10-20 hour run time. If you really enjoy the world there is plenty to go back to. If you miss the over the top gore and action of the previous No More Heroes games, I highly recommend No More Heroes III. It is an epic end to Travis’ three game journey!


4. Bravely Default II

Way back in 2012, turn based role playing games were all but extinct and it felt like we would never see Final Fantasy ever go back to the battle system that made it popular to begin with. But then, a little game called Bravely Default showed up and it was the RPG fans’ Ultimate RPG game. Now after the first sequel, Bravely Second, Bravely Default II (the real sequel) has shown up on Nintendo Switch. This game has it all! The core mechanic is based around changing the jobs of your four main characters in order to master all of the vocations. You can be a thief, a knight, a white mage, a black mage, and many more. The great thing about this game is when you master a job and want to move on to something else you can choose what parts you want to keep. So if you mastered the black mage class but you want to learn the ways of a Knight and still have sick spells you can cast, you can make it to where you can still use your black mage abilities while learning a new trade! And it doesn’t stop with that! Each of the main characters have their own specific outfit that they wear for each class so it leaves so many different possibilities! Also the game has two credits, which means that it is a TRUE traditional RPG! If you have 120+ hours you need filled with an amazing classic RPG, you should definitely try out Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch!


3. Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter is one of those series that I just could not get into. I had bought Monster Hunter 3/Tri for the Wii and the Wii U. I even tried Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS. I was getting killed/carted over and over again and just couldn’t figure out what it was that I was missing. Then Monster Hunter Rise was announced for the Nintendo Switch and I was determined to make this be the one that would stick, and it did. So what was it that did it this time? To start off with the traversal on this game is so much quicker and more smooth than the previous iteration! Wirebug for the win!!! Monster Hunter is a difficult game to get into. The tutorials are the worst, they don’t really explain the main mechanics, and the stuff that they do tell you doesn’t really make sense until you get deeper into the game.  I found myself watching video after video just to figure out which weapon set to use.  Once I found the right weapon and the practice area to try them all out in, I was starting to feel what made these games so great. It’s all about the hunt. It’s all about going after that one monster over and over again to get that specific part that will make your weapon all the more stronger for the next hunt. It’s all about the loot and the things you can do in the town with said loot that makes it all the more addicting.  Once you start to get the hang of the game and beat Magnamalo for the first time there is a second part that opens up that is even harder with even more weapons to unlock and this keeps going and going and going! There is even DLC coming out next year! With all of the support that this game has gotten, the online community, and of course zipping around with the wirebug. This game will give you hundreds and hundreds of hours of enjoyment and is very much a worthy edition to the Nintendo Switch library!


2. Metroid Dread

Hey remember Metroid? It was a really cool series with a badass female protagonist that goes to different planets destroying these creatures called Metroids. They were the games that co-inspired the MetroidVania genre and they are back! There have been many missteps along the way in the Metroid series (Other M anybody?) But now Samus is back baby and this new one really nails the atmosphere and exploration of what you would expect from a Metroid game. The way that Samus is handled is so good! The game seems like such a response to the backlask of previous Metroid games. For example in Metroid Other M Samus talks for over 2 hours of the gameplay. In this new one she only speaks a couple times in the game and that really gives more importance to the things that she does say. Whenever you see her take out a boss that was on their last legs without any remorse or ignite the charge beam in the face of danger you can really feel the strength of the character. The game may come off as too challenging when you start it but what is so amazing about this game is that there is nothing that can’t be dodged or countered. Every attack has a counter or a way to get out without getting damaged and the more you learn that, the more enjoyable the game becomes. Next thing you know you’ll be playing through the hard mode for the fourth time and loving every minute of it. This game begs you to play it over and over again and break it. They even put in cut scenes for particular ways to attack bosses in case you find certain abilities early! This game is so much fun and begs you to study every inch of it! That’s why it deserves the number 2 spot on this list!


1. Shin Megami Tensei V

A good sign that a system is successful is if you can get a Shin Megami Tensei game on it. Famicom had the original Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei 1 and 2 were on the Super Famicom, Playastion 2 got 3, and 3DS got IV. When the Nintendo Switch was first announced there was a teaser trailer for Shin Megami Tensei V. It has been in development since the very beginning of the system. Is there any possible way that this can’t be the number one game of this year? To me it was the pinnacle of the Nintendo Switch for this year.  What is Shin Megami Tensei you ask? It is a game series in which the world has ended and you have to put the pieces back together by recruiting demons and eventually killing God, yes THAT God. It’s kind of like Pokémon if instead of capturing the creature in a ball you have to convince them to join you through conversation and/or offering them your medicine, macca, even your life to get them to join your cause. After you collect the demons you have to sacrifice them to create even stronger demons through demonic fusion. This game is hard but rewarding. It’s best to save often because you have no idea when you will reach your fate. If the main character is killed you get an instant game over even if your team is still alive so you need to be careful. The battle system is quite deep and satisfying. If you attack the enemy with an attack that is strong against them, you get another turn. If you attack them and they are strong against the attack or you miss, you lose two turns. It has a very addictive battle system that has you watching your strengths and weaknesses at all times! They also do things in this game that no other SMT game has ever done. This time there is an open world free roaming area where you can see the demons wondering around and they are to scale with your character. It’s really cool to see giant demons towering over you and the random battles of ancient times are nowhere to be seen. It feels like the Shin Megami Tensei of the Wild. I haven’t even mentioned how cool the character looks with long beautiful flowing blue hair and how great sliding down the sand of a post apocalyptic Tokyo is. This game is a lot of fun and if you love tough, well developed, monster collecting role playing games, You will love this game! 

And that is my top 5 Nintendo Switch games for this year but if you want to hear me talk about the top 10 list in it’s entirety, check out NintenDomain! You can find it on any podcast app! 

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