Lost Epic (PC) Preview

By Eric Getty Gettinger

The world is destroyed.  The old Gods have been killed, and you are wandering around lost. A sepia world that is devoid of flavor, but there is hope. Lost Epic is that story of hope and setting the natural order back on its path. Lost Epic is currently in Early Access on Steam, but this 2D anime souls-like has enough in your face action to keep the average gamer entertained. There is a road map and content is dropping fairly quickly.  With the offerings of weapon, armor, accessory customization, you can easily get lost in the menus. If you are used to playing games like God Eater or even the more recent Code Vein, then Lost Epic might be the tasty morsel you are looking to gobble up, and I for sure am alluding to the first God fight here. 

The story is fairly straightforward in Lost Epic – you are a hero that is capable of wielding power that will help bring an end to the new Gods who have killed the old ones. You are here to bring revenge to a world swarming with monsters. As we are working with 2D here the plain is flat, but the action and depth of levels is anything but that. You are introduced to combat heavy gameplay of Lost Epic through a few systems. The first is that of the basic melee, chaining, combos and epic finishing moves but opens up to divine skills and special attacks which are learned through combat and using different weapons. Of course weapons can be upgraded and further evolved as you progress. By defeating enemies you collect items used to make and enhance items as well as anima. Anima is the key currency that can be used to level up your hero. Leveling up leads to skill trees, and truly an epic amount so far. 

Combat is fast, and while the visuals need some fine tuning to make it combos fluid, it still feels good. Attacking with normal strikes and divine skills will cause a circle to appear on enemies.  Once the circle is completely filled in there is a finishing move attack. While the move does not guarantee a kill, it deals heavy damage and the animations are the right amount of in your face anime action. Adding an additional element to combat there are a few special encounters. When you reach a new area, battles in it will close the stage and you will need to complete the fight in order to progress. At the end of a closed stage fight additional anima can be earned for doing combos and using divine skills. The other special battles are against slightly more difficult enemies like a sub-boss. Dodging between enemies and exploring stages can feel like a lot to accomplish. 

With Lost Epic at its current level of release there are opportunities to fight some of the new gods. This is one of those anime feelings, what is more epic than getting to fight a god! These battles are not for the meek or those who do not appreciate watching the bosses’ attacks and learning to counter them. Specifically, I found myself fighting Heoxilia who had multiple phases. Making sure that you are prepared.  I would suggest trying out the second zone to help farm some anima from quests there as well before jumping into the fight with Heoxilia. It’s the cornerstone to these types of soulslike games. 

Lost Epic is a mesh of different games, but what it does well is targeting its audience and giving them the customization that they want. If you want to make yourself some custom armor, a mustache, a big sword, you can do all these things. With the game in early access the promise is big of what will come in Los Epic. For certain it is something to look out for and to watch the progress. If you are a hardcore anime fan who loves the challenge of souslike games I can say that lost Epic is going to help feed those addictions.  

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