Alex’s Game of the Year 2020

10. Moving Out

This was my new Overcooked. It plays like overcooked and leads to just as many arguments and hilarious laughter. I can’t wait to bring this to the next family party and watch the crowd go wild.

9. Persona 5 Royal

I bought Persona 5 Royal out of habit. I have bought and beaten most iterations of both Persona 3 and 4. I understand Atlas re-releases each version of their games with bonus content. I was originally not thrilled with playing this until I was deep in and found how much they actually added, which is a lot. I’m not even to the bonus semester and this game is wildly different then its original and I’m back in love.

8. Skater XL

Skater XL was one of the games I spent most of the time playing this year. It’s skateboarding en carnate. The game is a sim ass sim. The goals are what you make it. Want to learn a kickflip? Practice practice practice. That’s what Skater XL is, taking the time to film the perfect trick, make it look exactly how you want. The satisfaction is only your own. This is quite the hobbyist game.

7. Welcome to Elk

Bringing the local folklore tales of Iceland and having you play through each instance was an intense, wild ride that made me think about the nature of storytelling. I asked why we tell stories and how the characters of folklore live on forever through tales such as these. This is something special.

6. Bugsnax:

Bugsnax hit the Super GG Radio crew like a wave. It came and left a mark  on each of us. While it’s not my game of the year, it’s one of the games that will stick with me for long after this year has come to a close. The story, art and cryptic twist are somethings I would not have guessed. I also may have karaoke’ d that theme song in my living room more times than I’d like to admit.

5. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Bringing the old classic to the modern era with the best parts of Final Fantasy 15 was a great idea. I do wish it stayed as the story of the original instead of deviating, but I appreciate it all the same. Visually stunning in action and the emotional beats still hit, maybe even harder here.

4. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

I was a huge fan of the original and the second takes the old formula and includes the upgrades of its predecessors such as Hollow Knight and Axiom Verge. An overall improvement with the same beautiful art of the first. This was my early pick for GOTY and glad to see it hasn’t fallen too far down the list.

3. Necrobarista

Gaming Fyx put me on this when I normally wouldn’t engage with a visual novel. Necrobarista gave me the feeling of clerks but with actually loveable characters leading to a story that gave me an existential crisis by the end. It hit me like no other game did this year on an emotional level. I want a Necrobarista tattoo.

2. Paper Mario and the Origami King

I am not a Paper Mario aficionado. I took time to play half of the original and found it very flawed. Paper Mario stands out as a marquee Nintendo product with a story that is endearing when it needs to be and hilarious in all the right ways. The art and style stands out as something to show off to people.


This has top notch acting, story, combat, and variation in play. This game brings everything good about Super Giant and perfects it. Run after run, I keep finding new things that keep me engaged with the story and world. Other games may grab my attention but they will grab it… after one more run of Hades.

Runners Up

  1. Carrion: Carrion put an interesting twist on the Metroidvania genre, if only it had a map…
  2. West of Dead: Quite a stylish rogue like with a cool western theme. As the year progressed and it fell by the wayside. Still didn’t stop me from buying it twice. 
  3. No Straight Roads: The demo sold me on this game but unfortunately, time got away from me. It’s EDM rock theme stood out and the characters were the perfect level of rowdy and charming that made me want more. NSR is something still on my mind that I will beat once things calm down. 
  4. Blasphemous: A fantastically gothic Soulsish Metroidvania. Just not enough time in the year, but I’m coming for you Blasphemous. 
  5. Cloudpunk: This neat noir tale brings a moody cyberpunk world to life. The shortcomings come with the game execution with little to actually do and feeling like the story plays out around you instead of with you. Still, a fantastic story with quality voice acting. 

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