Review: Bugsnax: humanity lost

By Eric, Getty, Gettinger 

The fall this year brought many changes outside of your normal leaves plummeting to the earth and chill in the air. I am referring to the new console drops and the slate of launch games. While normally I would look to Sony for a real heavy hitting title, and they did bring Spiderman with Miles Morales, there was another game they gave away for free with their plus membership. Sadly I haven’t been able to secure a Playstation 5 but the Epic Store was the cure for my addiction. That is my addiction to Bugsnax, and if you don’t know why please take the time right now to check YouTube for the Bugsnax theme song. You know what… here use this link and come back when you are ready.

Welcome back, now let’s talk about Bugsnax. You have heard the song but it doesn’t really help all that much. Let’s set the stage; you are a reporter who wants to help out and discover the mystery of Snaktooth Island. Imagine a group of cute Muppet like creatures called grumpas’. A small group came to the island to help settle and in doing so find themselves eating the local animals to survive. Those animals or bugs rather are your bugsnax, and they are both adorable and horrific. Sentient food that when you eat it your body transforms into that snack. You eat a strabby bugsnack and your hand is a strawberry now. You have the ability to feed the villagers and morph their bodies as the story unfolds. 

The town of Snaxburg has been torn apart without their leader, and so the story goes you need to bring everyone back. In order to bring everyone back they want you to feed them specific bugsnax and increase the body horrors you will see. An arm that is rib with the bone as your hand. Legs made out of cinnamon buns. The townsfolk are one of my favorite parts of the experience. The cute and furry exteriors are what ropes you in and then you see that the grumpas’ are the most diverse and inclusive bunch I have seen. This includes a non-binary character. Which brings me to the voice acting, I loved it wholly. Each grump brings their own story which you get to know by helping and interviewing them. There is a lot to unfold there including right up to the end. 

The best and arguably most difficult part to Bugsnax is the act of catching or attempting to catch them all. Through the course of the story you will encounter more and more, and the solution is not always as straight-forward as put down a trap and set it off. There will be flying bugsnax and you will either need them to land or catapult a trap through the air in an attempt to catch it. The most challenging are those snax that are freezing cold or literally on fire as you need to counteract those conditions before catching it.  There are a few of what I would call boss battles by following a storyline to completion making it only possible to catch all the bugsnax by fully exploring the characters quests. 

Bugsnax is here to take you for a ride into the unknown. Along the way you are going to make new friends, whether they are of the grumpas or bugsnax variety and believe me you will remember those snax. I personally take time each day to remember strabby with his happy little walk. I will eventually make my return to Snaktooth Island once I have had time to cope with the games ending and the body horrors I have seen.  I highly recommend it for gamers of all types and it has left a lasting mark on me. Remember kids, you are what you eat.

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