Eric “Getty” Gettinger’s Top Ten Games of 2019

Eric Gettinger is one of the hosts of Super GG Radio

Gettys top 10 in no order

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Another cold rainy night in a city filled with zombies and my close friends. Over the course of the year I have had Steve and Alex over to play a number of games but this was one of the games that was just great to do with friends. There is nothing like running through a hallway where you know there is a zombie but you need to go through it anyway for the 10th time. When staying alive is only one room away you have to manage those resources. Watching your friend empty their entire clip of bullets into a zombie and it keeps shambling was both fun and depressing. I really loved being able to visit the police station one more time. For someone like me, where you really want to explore as many rooms as possible and clear that map, it is a lot of work but worth it. Having the two characters available opens you up for some replay and you really need it to tie up the story together. If you are looking to get into the series or just to see your old friends again I recommend making a trip back to Raccoon City. 

Nowhere Prophet

It’s all about the cards in your hand or maybe it’s about the card you havent gotten yet. I love this game because when all the cards are down and I still have to come back and try again. This game takes place in two different arenas. You start with your caravan as you explore to find the promised land (space Mecca for me). Battles and problems are solved through resource management and throwing down. Brass tax: visuals and aesthetics in the game are my selling point with the way the map looks like grid paper down to the character design. When you work hard to get the characters and cards you want sometimes you can’t protect them from dying. When we sat down with the Dev on this one he helped me come to terms with it, your cards will die. Try again or get good is my mantra whenever I fire up an attempt on Nowhere Prophet, because I need to progress and prove I have gotten better. Let’s be honest, this is my Magic the Gathering life line until Joel ropes me back into the online version.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

In a surprise move this year Fire Emblem, a series I love so very much, decided it was going to become a Persona game. In standard form we jump into a world only you can save, but the story branches in a more dynamic way. Three different houses with three very different characters who have conflicting goals for the world at large. The class system saw a nice enhancement and the characters, while they can be anything class wise, took on roles for me very early in the game. In a way the students in my class became family. Like the gamer I am I spent far too much time in the school developing my teaching level and trying to grind my skills to unlock those champion classes. While I only made it through one play through of this saga I think I may end up coming back to it once I have a chance to reflect more. I still have two more houses to guide either to success or ruin I don’t know. One thing I am sure of is that I am coming back to fish, because why the hell not. 

Borderlands 3

Back to Pandora and the heroes you know and love (with a few omissions I am still scratching my head about). The pinnacle of loot shooters and a bunch of guns I like but don’t know the names… for real Steve knows them at least. The story keeps you going but the side mission are where the real action takes place in Borderlands 3. Running into the celebrity voice actors who make you smile or even laugh out loud really made me appreciate some of the changes to the series. As always the main story will take you places you weren’t sure were possible or even considered. With the option to play through 4 characters and a true vault hunter mode (to maximize your loot) you can always come back for seconds. The first DLC just dropped recently and the franchise is really starting to feel a lot bigger than Pandora. Where will they take us next and who else will we get to meet in this journey. I am really interested to see if they are going to add another character this time since in the previous games the ones that entered later were my favorites. 

Steamworld Gilgamesh

Another card game, maybe this is the year of the card game for me. I have been a huge fan of the Steamworld franchise so far, we did some digging, became space pirates and now we are transported to medieval times where your cast of characters are a knight, an alchemist, a samurai, twin thieves, and apparently a frog-bot. Each chapter you get the opportunity to explore, battle, and create new cards for your deck. The combination of the simplicity in the battle system and the characters is what keeps me coming back for more. You can easily pick up the game and play for a little bit, low stress, low commitment but exactly what I need some days. If you are looking for a fun quick story with a quirky cast then this is something you might want to look into. If you want to get really crazy there are thousands of different combinations you can create between the characters in your party and the cards. If you just want to hack and slash you can do that too. Either way another great entry into an expanding world of steam powered heroes. 

Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan_20190821204239

“Congratulations, everyone seems to have survived up to this point, only time will determine if that’s a good thing”. Chills, jump scares, scrambling to stay alive on a ‘ghost’ ship. Another entry into my log that involves my friends Steve and Alex. We determined to play the movie night setting going into this game knowing that it would depend on being active and attentive. Suffice to say we did okay, but the reason this makes my list is because of the story, environment, characters, and jackassery we had. Staying alive in a survival horror game is not always easy and at time one wrong move can screw it up for everyone. We had some scares and close calls. Honestly speaking when it comes to these story driven games I am drawn in. call it escapism and I will tell you tripping balls on green mist is a lot more exciting then answering emails, or even watching Steve put down the controller to watch a scene then realize he needs to do something. It might not be the greatest thing I played all year but having my friends there really turned this into a top ten game. 

Untitled Goose Game

I don’t have a ranking system for my top ten games but if you really want me to pick one, this is my number one. I dabble in the indie games and I really find some that I can enjoy but this one I resonate with. Something so simple, when you look at the style of the game, can be so driving and enjoyable. I can literally sit there and honk at people for 5 minutes and still laugh my ass off. You are a goose, and there are a lot of games that start out with “you are a ______” but a goose!? The animal that stands in the street when I am trying to drive my car down the road. The same animal that will chase me when I am trying to jog. It’s really nice to be that beast for once, chase after someone and scare a child. Video games for me have always been an escape and if it helps me to forget about all the stupid shit (sorry, not sorry) happening in my life then I can truly enjoy it. Thanks for the goose memories and the next time I see one of those jerks chasing after me I will think twice. 

Deep space waifu: world

It was tricky finding a screenshot for this game that was SFW

THE BEAR KING RETURNS. Readers, listeners, general people I know who listen to the show believe me when I say this is mild but enjoyable. DO YOU LIKE CONTROLLING A SHIP AND SHOOTING AT ENEMIES? And it’s actually a pretty diverse number of enemies with some who are randomized. DO YOU LIKE NAKED ANIME WOMEN? I really want to say “who doesn’t” especially since the dev added a female bear with dialogue for everyone. DO YOU LIKE SPENDING $2 OR LESS ON A VIDEO GAME? I do, if at this point you have lost interest that’s fine. Let me break it down. Everyone needs that stupid game that lets you just mess around for a while. Play one or two maps in this game and you may see the appeal. The price is good the capture gallery is solid, nothing stellar, but for the price you are getting some decent gameplay and work to blast clothing off to reveal a nood. Yeah NOODS and I really could have gone crazy on this one. You know what, first ten people to send an email asking for a copy of this game to our gmail account I will buy it for you. Say it with me folks,

Destiny: Shadow keep (and some stuff before)

Let me go back to the moon. Let me fall back in love with the characters I know from the good old days of killing space monsters. The feel of the new weapons, unleashing your finishing moves to roundhouse kick a hive knight in the face. The events this year really made you work for the rewards. Eris, Osiris, Saint-14 lets do this one more time before the next gen and Destiny 3. I have dropped a lot of time into Destiny over the last 2 years with my fireteam. The feel of the burning through strikes or pvp with your crew is nice, especially with the race to see who can get the newest pinnacle weapons. I will keep this one short with just a few more comments. Eyes up guardian. Get ready snitch. The Jotunn. Bad Juju. getting the Wish-ender with my bros. Thanks again for the lore and hours of mindless space genocide. 

Mutant year Zero: Road to Eden

I probably could have played a few more games this year. I didn’t, but as we are ending the year I am finishing this great adventure. Let me tell you the characters, seriousness, and humor in this game have brought me to the ending. A duck, a fox, and a boar walk into a bar… no that literally happens in this game. Heavy into the tactical and weapons, but also the skills your mutants can obtain make it interesting. Everytime I enter a new area I think we can do this the easy way or the hard way. At times I really want to do it the hard way and have a fifteen on three bawl but then I realize, that isn’t going to happen. The story really brings you through the game but the ending needs the DLC and a lot of places are giving you it. I highly recommend this one if you like X-COM but also want to see what kind of stupid stuff you can get into with some mutants that just want to exist. 

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