Alex Orona’s Top Ten Games of 2019

Alex Orona is one of the hosts of Super GG Radio

Our first year with starting Super GG Radio, so this will be my first official GOTY list. I was excited and dreading this when we decided to do this. If only because some of these games I had not fully completed, but that did not stop them from leaving an impact. I’m here to share that impact with you and what I was excited about this year. Thank you for reading and following us on this ride of ours. 

10. Apex Legends (Alex’s Time Waster of the Year)

I have, what I call “time wasters” and Apex Legends is my new time waster. Occupying the space usually reserved for the Rainbow Six Siege DLC I bought but honestly will never get around to mastering, Apex Legends came in hot with a hero shooter battle royale that hit all the right spots for me. Quick paced and faster moving with some fun looting but at least with Apex, I felt like the looting led to more than just a quick death. I learned, I got slightly better, heck, I got a win! This also marks the year that I somehow started actually watching twitch, Apex specifically. I usually detest twitch as entertainment for myself but something about Apex streams kept me addicted for way longer than I should have and I’m sure my job appreciates that data streaming on the company network in the background constantly, oh well *shrug*. Also, got to give it up to Respawn for having a fantastic year. They deserve it. 

9. Untitled Goose Game

Honking has never been more fun. I’ve never dreamed that spreading my arms and yelling “come at me bro” would be something I’d experience this year but that’s the feeling I got playing untitled goose game. I felt the anarchy rise as I stole, scared, and trashed shops and tea times. Some people found this game cute and fun, I see it as setting the world on fire and making sure people knew it was me. I felt my darkest urges emerge with each HONK. This goose is the devil and it was there to do the devil’s business. 

8. Resident Evil 2 Remake

In a world of consistent re-releases and remakes, it’s easy to get replay fatigue and feel like there aren’t any original ideas left. Resident Evil 2 remake is NOT that problem. The game presents as an entirely new game with the Original Resident Evil 2 acting as a guide. The game play is new, the graphics are top notch for current gen consoles, and the action is fast paced. This isn’t your Dad’s Resident Evil 2, and let me tell you, that’s a good thing. I’m a fan of the Resident Evil series up until Code Veronica, but fell off when the series became action fast paced and less horror. This brings the series back the way I remember it while leaving behind the clunky ways of old. If this is the trend for remakes, I can only be more excited for an RE3 and RE1 remake, but also the FF7 Remake. It gives hope to a changing culture in gaming.

7. Superliminal

Superliminal reminded me of some of my favorite games like Stanley Parable, The Beginners Guide, Firewatch, and Thomas Was Alone. This along with the way the puzzles and perspectives shifted throughout this tight two hour narrative kept me engaged and confused in a way that was refreshing. It did something different and new while not overstaying its welcome. I will continue to recommend this to anyone that listens, PLAY SUPERLIMINAL.

6. Gato Roboto

It’s been evident through conversations that Joel and I have a big gaping hole in our gaming history, that hole’s name is Metroid. I’ve never played a single solitary Metroid, though am well versed in Castlevania, so I know half of the phrase “Metroidvania.” That being said, Gato Roboto gave me insight into a world I had yet to explore. This game being similar, down to having familiar movement skills, same map layout and game mechanics, I now understand what there is to like about games like Super Metroid. Gato Roboto brought all those in a tight cute, comedic package that I felt drew me in and kept me going up until the end. Being a cat fighting a rat on an alien planet with a mech suit, leads to some interesting and funny story beats with the only human character trying to play the straight man the entire way. This game left me saying: “If this is what Super Metroid is like, I’m all in.” Look for that in a future Backlog Blog, for sure.

5. Heave Ho (Also best new Alex Orona Party Game)

If you know me, I’m on a constant hunt for party games. Heave ho quickly entered the pantheon of parties at my house and brought to people’s houses. The simple mechanics of using each hand over hand, then having a perfectly placed fart to screw everybody left us crying laughing and dying for another round. From the cartoony groans of the players to the gross explosion of colorful viscera upon death, this game is fun the whole family can enjoy and will continue to make appearances at our future parties.

4. Katana Zero

Soundtracks are big sellers for me and Katana Zero’s jazzy electro beat soundtrack made this game a shoe in on my list pretty much instantly. After that, add Hotline Miami like restarting gameplay, some some fantastic 2D platforming and combat and you get Katana Zero. The story keeps you guessing with some interesting twists that lead to some bonus hidden content but Katana Zero also left me hanging with it’s runtime. I’m very big on games that respect your time and do not pad out just to fill time but Katana did the opposite where it felt like it abruptly ended with little to no resolution in it’s climax. Overall, Katana fell short for me but not enough to keep it off my list.

3. Control

Can I just say, Control came out of nowhere. I have not played any previous Remedy games but Control really hit this out of the park. The shifting exploration of The Oldest House makes me feel like I’ll never know what’s around the next corner. The story beats of the Bureau of Control and what this take over means in the larger universe has me intrigued. The action is fast, but your options are wide enough that there are multiple ways to handle combat and puzzles with very unique powers. But the thing everyone is talking about… That world building. With each office memo or email thread you are building yourself closer to understand what it’s like working at the Bureau day to day. This is ripe for an office drama show, just add in a few funny moments, perhaps a couple clips of that head scientist, and an occasional spectral floppy disk incident and boom, I’m hooked. I can’t get enough of these inter office motivational posters. I think this is a game I will 100%, if only because I don’t think I want it to end yet.

2. Death Stranding

Well Hideo Kojima sure did make a game. Whether it’s something you loved or hated, it started a conversation on what it means to be a video game. Can a video game thrive and be successful when it’s made up of all the parts most people hate? The answer is yes.For me, Death Stranding was a success. I hated inventory management, balancing, item degradation, stamina meters, and fetch quests, but at the end of each delivery I felt ecstatic with all I had accomplished. Climbing mountains, trudging through swamps, and fighting off scary tar ghosts gave one of the greatest sense of achievements I’ve felt all year and for that, it goes on my list. Now to crack open a cold Monster Energy drink and relax with some CHVRCHES. #ad

1. Outer Worlds

I am not a fan of open world games. The vastness can have a lethargic effect on me. I am quick to lose the plot, I’m easily distracted, and I am not a fan of the jank. That being said, I absolutely adored Outer Worlds. An open world that is closely curated, smaller in scope and keeps the plot tight. Thematically, it reminds me a lot of Futurama, which is a plus. With an engaging story, difficult morality choices and colorful cast of characters, this is a fallout game finally for me.

Honorable Mentions: The following games either fell short, or I did not get enough time to dig into them as much as I would have wanted but still wanted to make sure they are mentioned because they are all fantastic: They are Billions, Link’s Awakening, Sea Salt, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Outer Wilds, Nowhere Prophet, Ape Out, Baba Is You, Risk of Rain 2, Man of Medan, and Felix the Reaper.

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